A Day at TNPC

A Day at TNPCChildren are given educational opportunities throughout the day that include large and small motor development, creative expression, social interaction, intellectual and cognitive growth.

A typical TNPC classroom will include the following activities:

Meeting Time

Each day starts with meeting time. The group sings a hello song, and children hang up individual name tags. A feeling of community is built through sharing ideas, listening, recognizing one's own and peers' names, increasing vocabulary and learning to talk in a group.

Child-Initiated Play/Activity Time

During activity time, children are encouraged to use the materials and areas in the classroom and to get involved with special projects and activities. It is a time for planning one's own time, problem solving, working independently and/or in small groups, learning to care for the classroom/materials, and learning to make choices.

Large Group Time

After working together to pick up the classroom, everyone meets for large group. It is a time for singing songs, using instruments, reading stories, participating in group games, establishing group cohesiveness, listening, and following directions.

Snack Time - Co-op Parent Requirement

Parents provide snack for the class on a rotating basis throughout the school year. Snack is set up family style so that children can learn to pass food, pour drinks, clear dishes, and wipe up spills. At snack time, teachers sit with the children to talk about the day, share news, try new foods, and practice using good table manners. Parents are welcome to visit the class on their child's selected snack day.

Small Group

Children working in small groups will have the learning experience of working together. A wide variety of learning tools are used and children will experience language skills, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, sharing and taking turns.

Outdoor/Large Motor

Part of each day includes time to play outdoors or in the multipurpose room. It is a time for children to work on large motor skills: running, jumping, climbing, riding bikes, and interacting with other children and peers.

*Full-day afternoon schedule includes lunch, state-mandated rest/nap time, activity time, rug/circle time, snack, and outside/large motor activities.