Tenney Nursery and Parent Center

1321 E. Mifflin St.

Madison, WI  53703

Tenney Nursery and Parent Center is a 5- star preschool and family-focused nonprofit. We offer two full day classes and one morning enrichment class as well as a caregiver/child playgroup. TNPC operates with a Board of Directors made up of volunteer parents and staff who are elected to work closely with the Executive Director. This partnership is the true hallmark of Tenney Nursery.

TNPC integrates a play-based, developmentally age appropriate curriculum. Teachers facilitate learning with ideas coming from their students and building on the child’s natural curiosity and motivation to explore his/her world. Language and early literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific exploration, creative representation of arts and music, community exploration, health, safety, social-emotional development and physical development are naturally integrated in all areas of our learning environment and curriculum. The use of curriculum-based media is limited to developmentally appropriate programming.

Parents and teachers together have built a successful program and this enriches the preschool experience for all involved. Every family’s involvement is beneficial to the entire school and community. Through family involvement and volunteer efforts, parents demonstrate to their children that they value the school and their child’s experience there.

As a member of TNPC, families are encouraged to participate in our program, by attending family orientation night in September, volunteering for jobs posted on our cooperative bulletin board, volunteer as a substitute teacher in a classroom, participate in an annual pledge fundraiser, or volunteer to serve as a board member to provide leadership and support for the school and our children. Families can increase their involvement through helping in the classroom, sharing your talents/skills with your child’s class, fulfilling classroom wishlists, assist at our family social nights, or lending professional expertise through demonstrations that help shape our program and school community.

At TNPC we like to stay connected. During the school year we open our building for Family Social Nights. Enrolled families and TNPC staff come together for a pot-luck dinner and an evening of fun for all. This also helps foster connections between Tenney families; friendships that continue for years.

Located on Madison’s near east side, Tenney Nursery and Parent Center is within walking distance of beautiful Tenney Park, Willy St. Co-Op and Lapham School.

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TNPC is incorporated and licensed by the State of Wisconsin and accredited by the City of Madison.

Please contact the director at 608-255-3250 or e-mail director@tnpckids.com